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Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 15 12 Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 14 11 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Sirei :iconjeishii:Jeishii 8 2
WSP GOOD Example - Round 1
A riff from a lone electric guitar was the only sound in the otherwise empty bar. A harsh melody cut through the cold air as Malantha Ebner practiced one more time for the set that night at the Gimpy Mermaid, a little pub in a tiny town somewhere in Iowa.
As the sound of the last chord died down and she leaned forward, reaching a long arm toward the amp to shut it of, a polite clap started from the shadows behind her and to the left, where the barkeep was prepping for opening. She turned her head, myriad of piercings in her face and right ear catching the glaring overhead light and shimmering coldly.
"It ain't good enough to clap for," she drawled, arching a single pale, thin eyebrow. Her nearly colorless eyes found the bartender, a man in his mid-forties with a beer gut, a balding pate, and a scraggly gray ponytail.
"You always say that, Mal," the man responded in his raspy voice, damaged from many years of too many cigarettes and long night cheering at concerts. "It sounds even bette
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 2 0
WSP BAD Example - Round 1
Alberta sat down at her desk and sighed because she was really irritated. Her teacher was a big asshoe and made her do some homework and she didn't like it because she wanted to go to a hokcey game because her boyfrand was gonna be in it. He was a good player.
"Hey are you okay, eh?" asked her best friend Mary, who was sat net to Alburta. 
"No I am like really mad, for reals!" Alberta whined really loudly. She whined some more and then got up and ran out of the classroom.
"I gotta go do some stuff, eh!"
Alberta went to the icecream parlor and got a bacon and maple sunday. The guy at the counter, named Billy, flirted with her a lot because Alberta was raelly pretty. He said "you really like maple flavor huh" and ALberta notted and said "It's because my last name is Maple haha!"
After that Alberta went home and took a really long nap because being a sailor soldier and teenaged is really hard.
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 0 10
SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Nisaba :iconjeishii:Jeishii 17 8 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Brigid :iconjeishii:Jeishii 9 5 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Wing :iconjeishii:Jeishii 15 7 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Rhea :iconjeishii:Jeishii 9 9 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Polaris :iconjeishii:Jeishii 9 11 KIRIBAN for Rose-Songstress - Those Two Crazy Kids :iconjeishii:Jeishii 8 9 Secret Santa for Chibi-Sugar :iconjeishii:Jeishii 9 7
SMV - Teruko - Calm Before the Storm
Teruko didn't want to go.
As she carefully sewed the last shimmering golden bead onto the bodice of the dress Siobhan had convinced her to make, she fretted. She knew it meant a lot to Alexis to be able to go out and simply spend time together, bask in the warm glow of companionship and just try and be happy for a while. Even so, she chewed on her lip and furrowed her brow as she worked on finishing the last touch to her newest creation.
The dress, inspired by the style of the artist Mucha, was in a shimmering cobalt fabric with a lighter blue corset that Teruko had painstakingly hand-beaded with a form that was shaped like a butterfly. On one of the very few occasions Teruko had seen Maeve in the months since that awful summer, she showed Maeve her design for the dress and the progress on the beading. Maeve took to calling her Fluttertits for the next few hours. Teruko deeply regretted the decision.
It would drape around her form dramatically, following the natural curve of her hips t
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 6 10
Aqua Soul - SMV Secret Santa :iconjeishii:Jeishii 22 25 Sakky Sekret Senchu - Sailor Scorpio for Kenlybop :iconjeishii:Jeishii 11 5 SMV - Teruko Winter Gala Dress :iconjeishii:Jeishii 20 27
Check out my newest shit yo


by Cionie

He TOTALLY looks ready to kick some ass! That said, critique time woooo! You're the only person I ever do actual critiques for haha. Vi...

by Cionie

The pose and expression a are great, though he seems a little... what is it. Stocky. Like with the size of his body and face/head, it's...


Jamie Carlson-Crump
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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(Thanks to AngelLale87 for sharing her amazing stamps with the world.)

Commission Information
I am always open for commissions. :) I offer affordable commissions and specialize in character drawing and portraits.


For the Kiriban it is a full color portrait or 3/4 of the character of your choice. Screencap the page view, and send me a note with the link to the kiriban.

I am afraid that I have chosen not to use the Commissions Widget for this page on the grounds that I feel losing 20% of my already tiny profit for dA to do little more than provide the widget is pretty poor business on their part. :(

About the poll

Sat Jul 18, 2015, 2:16 PM

I just posted a poll in regard to this:  The Art Theft Discussion
Art Theft DiscussionTopicsStealingTakingCopyrightPermissionFan ArtMoral RightsProtectionResolving Disputes

StealingArt theft can be

I have not seen anything in my feed about it just yet so thought I would do a poll to see what people were thinking. 

My thoughts are more are less coming down to this: it's a pretty blatant way for dA to re-assert that it doesn't have any intention of taking the art theft on the site seriously if you don't have serious backing to deal with people stealing your shit. And if you have no means to contact them or aren't aware your stuff has been ripped off, you're SOL.

And they're ignoring everyone who said "You guys are lying, I reported someone who outright stole my work years ago and you never took it down or even responded".

They have made up their own definition of theft of art, ignoring the fact that theft of music has already been proven in the court of law - even if it was a not a physical copy of said rendition that was stolen - to be justifiably called theft. This apparently doesn't apply to digital artworks created by non-music industry persons.

This definition is appalling and for me, I am not really interested in supporting this site anymore.

I'm considering my options, and will eventually come to a decision. But I am interested in seeing what my watchers and folks I watch plan on doing.

If I moved to a tumblr or other place that has a better history with dealing with art theft, would anyone be interested in following? I'm not sure how much that impacts me as I do it for the fun and not the watches since I just draw what I want to draw, but.. it's a question I feel is worth asking.

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