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Otaku Senshi

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A random slideshow of my folder of favorite Otaku Senshi drawings.


Mister Senshi - Take 2! by Cionie
by Cionie

He TOTALLY looks ready to kick some ass! That said, critique time woooo! You're the only person I ever do actual critiques for haha. Vi...

Mister Senshi WIP by Cionie
by Cionie

The pose and expression a are great, though he seems a little... what is it. Stocky. Like with the size of his body and face/head, it's...

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To join in the fun, simply join SenshiBadges and create a 100x100 and/or 50x50 of your Otaku Senshi! One 100x100 and one 50x50 per character. Submit them to the appropriate galleries, and then ask other owners of SenshiBadges to trade!!

My Badges

Sailor Illumina
Sailor Illumina Badge by Jeishii

Sailor Illumina Mini Badge by Jeishii

If you want to trade badges just comment on either of these deviations or note me. :) I will not turn anyone down!


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Jamie Carlson-Crump
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
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(Thanks to AngelLale87 for sharing her amazing stamps with the world.)

Commission Information
I am always open for commissions. :) I offer affordable commissions and specialize in character drawing and portraits.


For the Kiriban it is a full color portrait or 3/4 of the character of your choice. Screencap the page view, and send me a note with the link to the kiriban.

I am afraid that I have chosen not to use the Commissions Widget for this page on the grounds that I feel losing 20% of my already tiny profit for dA to do little more than provide the widget is pretty poor business on their part. :(
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I am making a baby in my belly. 8D

Thanks to this I like, would really like to make some moneys.

So I will be opening up commissions for SUPER FANCY MID-TRANSFORMATION FANART WOOOOOO!

Like this:

Aqua Soul - SMV Secret Santa by Jeishii


Currently I am asking $30 for this type of commission because holy hell it takes a lot of time. To commission for this, I will need the following:

:bulletblue: A reference of your character in their civilian form.
:bulletwhite: A reference of your character in senshi form.
:bulletblue: A description of your character's transformation sequence (as detailed as possible).

Please give me at least 2 weeks to prepare your initial draft as during this timeframe I'll be putting together my design.

I'll update my actual commission journal when I am less lazy. 8D

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Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii
Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia
A Chubi of :iconhiddengardenia:'s Sailor Circinus. Sassay!

 Sailor Circinus Reference by hiddengardenia
Ref image used

I simplified parts of it to fit the Chubi style a bit better. 

Sorry it took so long, dear. This baby has been kicking my ass.
Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii
Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia
Okay, so, I had trouble reading what her head chain looked like so I made it up as I went. I hope this is okay. >w< 

The ref image was emailed so I can't link to it here. :)

I hope you like, :iconhiddengardenia:.

Commission Information

Wed Mar 11, 2009, 11:55 PM
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Thank you to :iconabyrae: for letting me use her commissions guide as a template for my own!

All amounts shown are in USD.  Prices are based on complexity of the drawing and the time it takes.  We can discuss your preferred style (simple cell-style, which is quicker, or manga-style which is more complex and may take longer to complete) when you send a request.. I will also accept art trades.  If you would like to purchase a commission using dA points, please contact me and we will work something out.  I do not use the commissions widget at this time as I feel like dA should not be skimming 20%-ish of the profits off the top when they aren't doing anything beyond providing the widget.

All prices shown assume you want full color on color images (i.e. with proper shading in the style that best fits the mood of your request, from crisper cell style to a soft manga style).  My coloring and shading styles are visible throughout, and the only example I have of "flat" colors is the 1st example in the digital 3/4 section.

Digital Commissions

Transformation Interpretation
A full-body drawing of your character.  Simple or dynamic pose, depending on how you describe the transformation, and what would look good in the image.  "Simple background" applies to all of these, but it will be a "light show", Sailor Moon style transformation background fitting to the character's transformation and colors. 

You will be required to provide a description of the character's transformation sequence, their Senshi form, and their civilian form. Reference images are loved. I will come up with a half-transformed state based on your character's information, with a unique pose. These will take quite a bit of time because they are difficult and require a lot of research and effort.

Aqua Soul - SMV Secret Santa by Jeishii

Note: This type is not available in lineart


Full Body
A full-body drawing of your character.  Simple or dynamic pose, depending on your request and what would look good in the image.  "Simple background" applies to a partial background, such as furniture or some form of backdrop other than a white or solid-color/gradient background.  An example would be a character standing in front of an archway with the wall around them, or a very basic outdoor scene.  VERY basic.  I don't offer complex backgrounds because I'm bad at them.

Puella Magica Teruko by Jeishii         Sailor Zodiac Virgo by Jeishii        Auction Results - Samara for samiikinns by JeishiiCommission - Maeruko for fencergirl00 by Jeishii
:bulletblue: Lineart, no background: $10/800 dA Points
:bulletgreen: Digitally colored, no background/solid-color or simple gradient background: $15/1200 dA Points 
:bulletgreen: Digitally colored, simple background: $20/1600 dA Points
:bulletgreen: Additional characters, add $5/400 dA Points each 

3/4 Body
Only from the thighs or waist-up - not a complete character drawing, focusing more on the upper body and face.  An overall smaller image.

Please note: while these examples aren't perfect 3/4 views as they just bluntly cut off at the legs, they give you a good idea of what you'll get.  Please note that the 2nd and 3rd examples are also quite old - I don't do a lot of 3/4 currently.

Teruko Valentines Dress by Jeishii   KHR - Squalo and OC Snow by Jeishii   BandL Marriage for A and S by Jeishii
:bulletblue: Lineart, no background: $5/400 dA Points
:bulletgreen: Digitally colored, no background/solid-color or simple gradient background: $10/800 dA Points
:bulletgreen: Additional Characters, add $5/400 DA POINTS each except for lineart (add $1 for lineart only)

Portrait (bust - head and shoulders)
A character portrait similar to what you see used as avatars or in video games. Very basic focusing on the face of the character.

Sailor-Moon-Club Prize - KsPeR's Sailor Earth by Jeishii

:bulletblue: Lineart, no background/solid-color or simple gradient background: $3/200 dA Points or $5/400 points for two
:bulletgreen: Digitally colored, no background: $8/650 points
:bulletgreen: Additional Characters, add $2/150 dA Points each

Traditional Media Commissions

NOTE: I do not have access to a very high-quality scanner.  If you want a traditional media drawing, I can ship the artwork to you. This requires that I be able to get your mailing address so that I can send it to you.  Otherwise, I can scan the sketch in and send you the full sized digital file.  The prices shown are for scanned images.  If you want the original work, we can work out the shipping separately.

My scanner does awful quality on colored pencil works, as such, if you want something in colored pencil, I will ship it to you.  I will still send you a scan so you can see the general look, but colors such as light purples don't pick up at all on my current scanner.

Various types of traditional works

Marker, Grayscale, and Pencil (LOL OLD SKETCH IS OLD)
Questionable Character Art! by Jeishii Storm Flame Lilium by Jeishii Lilium Noir - 2nd Volume by Jeishii
Full Body
Same details as above.

:bulletblue:  Pencil drawing, no background: $8/650 pt, $5/400pt sketch only

:bulletblue:  Inked lineart, no background: $10/650 PT, $6/500PT SKETCH ONLY

:bulletgreen: Grayscale drawing (Ink brush-pens, different look than markers), no background: $15/1200 pt
:bulletgreen:  Grayscale drawing, simple background: $20/1600 
These ink pens get rather expensive, so they are more pricey.

:bulletred: Color drawing (color pencil or marker), no background: $20/2000 pt 
:bulletred: Color drawing (color pencil), simple background: $25/2000 pt 

:bulletblue:  Pencil drawing, no background: $5/400 pt, $3/200 pt sketch only
Same applies with black pen. 

:bulletgreen: Grayscale drawing (Ink brush-pens, different look than markers), no background: $10/800 dA Points

:bulletred: Color drawing (color pencil or markers), no background: $15/1200 dA Points

:bulletblue:  Pencil drawing, no background: $3/200 dA Points
:bulletgreen: Grayscale drawing (Ink brush-pens, different look than markers), no background: $5/400 dA Points 
:bulletred: Color drawing (color pencil or markers), no background: $8/650 dA Points


Chibi/Chubi (Chubby Chibi)!

A chibi is a traditional small body, big head, sort of similar to an adult having their body reduced to more child-sized with a huge head.  "Chubi" is the term I use for my chubby chibis - they are closer to SD chibis (super deformed), and are adorably plump! They first made their appearance in a fundraiser, and I've decided to offer them on a full-time basis.  Because they are new, their prices are fixed as shown below and are not changing on June 30, 2014.  They are available for the same price in full color, no matter which format you pick (traditional or digital); knock of $2 per for pencil sketches that will be scanned and sent to you. Traditional will be done on ACEO cards or paper.

Examples of the Chibi style:

Chibi Gamma Leonis for nickyflamingo by Jeishii  Color Variant Chibi Catriona by Jeishii Sailor Pewter Lime for MistressLegato by Jeishii

Examples of the Chubi style:

Sailor Cheshire - $2 Chubi for nickyflamingo by Jeishii  Asclepios Variant for MistressLegato by Jeishii  Chubi Sailor Hygiea for nickyflamingo by JeishiiSailor Pewter Lime for MistressLegato by Jeishii
:bulletblue:  Line art (clean), either style: $3/250 pt
:bulletblue:  Full color, either style: $5/400 pt

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♥ template by miontre ♥ skin designed by iLantiis

If I offered designing a halfway transformation for your otaku senshi based on how you deacribe the "henshin", like, would there be interest? be ause theu take a little more effort in coloring and planning they would cost a lit 

2 deviants said would this appeal to folks?
2 deviants said does $5 more than a standard full body seem fair?
1 deviant said I think these are a fun challenge and would force me to be more creative.

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