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Sun Feb 15, 2015, 10:33 AM
A riff from a lone electric guitar was the only sound in the otherwise empty bar. A harsh melody cut through the cold air as Malantha Ebner practiced one more time for the set that night at the Gimpy Mermaid, a little pub in a tiny town somewhere in Iowa.

As the sound of the last chord died down and she leaned forward, reaching a long arm toward the amp to shut it of, a polite clap started from the shadows behind her and to the left, where the barkeep was prepping for opening. She turned her head, myriad of piercings in her face and right ear catching the glaring overhead light and shimmering coldly.

"It ain't good enough to clap for," she drawled, arching a single pale, thin eyebrow. Her nearly colorless eyes found the bartender, a man in his mid-forties with a beer gut, a balding pate, and a scraggly gray ponytail.

"You always say that, Mal," the man responded in his raspy voice, damaged from many years of too many cigarettes and long night cheering at concerts. "It sounds even better than the last time you played with Wicked Grace. You're getting better and better."

The woman shook her head and unplugged the cable from her guitar, packing it up carefully in its case before she finally stood, stretching her long, lean frame. As she relaxed from the stretch, she slipped her hands into the pockets of her baggy pants, the chains clipped to nearly every belt loop jangling. She shrugged thin shoulders, the strap of her gray tank-top sliding down. She didn't bother to fix it. Her posture eased into her usual stance, her shoulders stooped slightly and head tilted a little forward, relaxed, aloof.

She ambled over to the counter, hopping up onto a bar stool, hooking her heels onto the lowest rung. Her legs were too long, knees hitting the bar, so she had to sit with her legs gaping awkwardly. She fixed the bartender with a lopsided grin.

"You always say that, Dan," she mimicked. She tapped the bar as he shook his head in response and rummaged in the cooler behind the bar for a bottle of ginger ale. He popped the top and slid it over to her. Malantha - or Mal - fixed him with a lopsided grin and took a swig of the fizzy soda. "To be honest since music is more or less all I bother to work on, it kind of figures I got better in the last six months or so. I think I played with, eh, three more bands over the summer? Pay's surprisingly good for a stand-in guitarist."

"Did you really turn Spiral down on the offer to join Wicked Grace full time?" Danny asked, hauling a tray of glasses out from under the bad to check inspect and wipe down, get them sparkling for the customers. "You'd have a steady job."

She didn't answer at first, running her long fingers through the long tangles of hair she grew out on the left, dyed three colors. She caught a snag and made a face, carefully pulling her fingers loose. She grinned again as Danny chuckled at the sight of her with her hand caught in the ragged clumps of fine hair, and shrugged. She scratched absently at the right side of her head, where her hair was kept is natural pale dishwater blonde, but cropped shaggy and short, as if she'd taken a knife or pair of old scissors to it.

"T'be honest, I don't wanna stay in one place for long. Signing on with Wicked Grace permanent would mean staying here, and I don't wanna do that. Worse, they're getting popular. If they sign with a big label, I'll be dragged into the whole fame thing with 'em and I don't want that." Her voice had gone quiet, low enough that if he wasn't just across the bar from her he may not have heard her. She took another swig from her ginger ale. He eyed the lanky woman for moment before setting the glass he had been polishing carefully back into the rack.

"Scared of everyone knowin' yer name?"

"Nah." She finished the bottle of ginger ale and slid it across the bar toward him with a five pulled from one of the many pockets of her pants. "Too much work."


The gig went off smoothly, and as Wicked Grace closed out their show with a small afterparty, Mal walked through the humid night air toward her hotel. The place was only three blocks from the Gimpy Mermaid, and though it was after two a.m., she wasn't worried about getting jumped. The chains on her belt loops jingled with her loping stride as she slowly made her way, a sour apple flavored sucker between her teeth and her hands in her pockets.

The hotel was low-profile, nothing fancy, but clean. She nodded to the night security guard as she stepped inside the main door, then made her way down the hall to her room. The lock tended to stick, and she jiggled the key as she slid it home to knock the tumblers loose. She paused for a moment, then grinned and twisted the knob, pushing the door open.

"My oh my. I wasn't expecting a visit from you, Zoe. It's only been what, two months since you dropped in?"

The young woman who stood at the opposite side of the room next to the window, arranging a bouquet of baby's breath and lilies in a tall blue vase, did not stop in her arrangements. She was Zoe Fairchild, the human avatar of the goddess of fate, and the senshi known as Sailor Necessity.

"Hello, Malantha. I hope you do not mind me allowing myself access to the room." The young woman slid the stem of a lily into the center with a sense of finality, then sighed softly and turned to Mal with a smile. She had thick waist-length hair that was straight as a pin and the soft blushing pink of pale cherry blossoms. Her eyes, large and round and the soft green of spring, reflected her smile. "I wanted to check on you. I could not help but notice you have become restless as of late, moving from place to place with greater frequency. I was concerned that this is related to the sensation of disease in the threads connecting the stars that has been following me lately."

Mal's smile slipped as she entered the room, shutting and locking the door behind her. Her spine straightened a bit, her gait stiff as she moved deeper into the hotel room. 

"That tone tells me you're worried about something other than just my wanderings, Lady Necessity." Using Zoe's full title was a dig, and Mal shrugged, turning her face away from the momentary look of hurt on her friend's gentle features.

"Only the usual things."

"Zoe, I don't know what to do with 'disease in the threads connecting the stars'." Mal began unhooking her chains one by one and tossing them onto the table next to the vase with a harsh clatter. "If you don't have any specific senshi for me to go and have a talkin' to about their antics, or lives to guide into the after, I don't want to hear about your 'worries', not when we see each other so rarely as it is. I'd rather just talk about Mal and Zoe, not Oblivion and Necessity."

Zoe folded her hands in front of herself after smoothing the front of her simple green sundress.

"I know, I am sorry. It was not my intent to discuss senshi business. Habits."

Mal relaxed, shoulders drooping. She sidled to the low refrigerator in the small kitchenette near the door and fished out a bottle of water. She offered it to Zoe as she made her way to the chair on the opposite side of the table and took a seat. The smaller woman, all soft curves and pastel colors to contrast with Mal's dyed hair, baggy black pants and raucously colored tanktop, accepted and sat across from her.

The tension in the room began to fade as they chatted and caught up, until the morning light peeked through the curtains. As Zoe departed and Mal began to wind down to sleep the morning hours away, the sailor soldier of the Plane of Oblivion felt a niggling sensation in the back of her mind that her lackadaisical lifestyle would be changing much sooner than she'd planned.
WSP GOOD Example - Round 1
:bulletblack: Senshi Name: Sailor Oblivion
:bulletblack: Civilian Name: Malantha "Mal" Ebner
:bulletblack: Sex: Female
:bulletblack: Age: 28
:bulletblack: Realm of Influence: Oblivion (The Plane of Oblivion specifically, drawing on the River of Lethe, and the empty void of forgetfulness)
:bulletblack: Appearance: Mal is a tall woman, standing close to six feet in height, though she seems shorter due to her posture. Mal tends to slouch when standing and lounge or lean when sitting, making her exact height hard to determine when meeting her.

Physically, she is almost androgynous, with sculpted features that lean toward both masculine and feminine. A strong jawline, wide mouth, and aristocratic nose are softened with soft, sensual lips and large eyes with thick eyelashes. Her build is thin and wiry, with few curves, and her preference for layers of tanktops, stressed punk-style t-shirts and baggy pants make identifying her gender on first meeting more difficult.

Her hair is chopped short on the right side of her head, and grown in shaggy, uneven lengths on the left. Her natural hair color appears to be a pale dishwater blonde that is neither truly yellow or brown, and the longer lengths are dyed a mix of black, green, and orange.

The longer portion of her hair is cut short over her eyes, so as not to obscure her vision. Her eyes themselves are a pale color that is hard for others to describe - almost colorless, they appear pale blue or gray.

Mal appears to be caucasian, of Western European descent. She tends to have a bit of a tan from sitting outside playing her guitar for change when the weather is good.

She doesn't wear makeup, but has three piercings on her face - a simple bar in her right eyebrow, a lip ring, and a labret. Her right ear has six hoops starting from the earlobe, all the way to the top of the cartilage, and a tragus piercing. All of her piercings are a matte black metal.

:bulletblack: Fuku: The plaid, pleated skirt is stressed with a-symmetrical tears along the hem. The coloring of her skirt is a flat, medium gray, with a tartan of carmine red, dove gray, and black. Her medium-gray sailor collar has a single carmine-colored stripe and sits over a sleeveless leotard. The leotard is similar in shape to a swimsuit, with reinforced panels forming a breastplate of slightly thicker material (which is not form fitting, furthering Sailor Oblivion's androgynous look). Instead of a bow she wears a carmine colored scarf with a black tie. 

Instead of a front bow, she wears a wallet chain pinned to the waistband of her skirt, holding her transformation pin. Small starseed-shaped gems hang off of the chain a few inches before and after the pin itself, one crimson and one gray.

Her uniform is also missing the back bow - close examination of her skirt shows it appears to have been shorn off....

Instead of gloves, she has black rings on the three outmost fingers on both hands, a gray ring on her left thumb, and two black wristbands on her left wrist.

Her legs are covered in carmine-colored leggings, partially obscured by a pair of cuissardes (thigh-length boots) made of a pliable matte-black material. The soles are red, with thick, low heels. They are buckled up the back, each metal buckle a matte gray, the straps the same carmine red as the soles.

:bulletblack: Henshin item: A pin in the shape of a diamond with four planes (it is bisected vertically and horizontally), with a slightly raised face. The surface appears to be some sort of resin or other clear material, and insdie is a red disc. The shape is not dissimilar to a stylized starseed.

:bulletblack: Henshin phrase: "Oblivion Astral Power, Make Up"
:bulletblack: Henshin description: When Mal transforms, she cuts her thumb on the transformation pin. She says her phrase, but no one around her can hear it - she seems to only be mouthing the words. She also seems to just.. blink and change.
How Malantha experiences the change is a bit different - gray mist seeps from the pin and covers her form, changing her skin to a dull, lustreless gray. Her clothing is atomized, then reforms over her body as her fuku. The mist disperses and passes over those who witnessed the transformation, stealing that moment in time where they saw it happen, making the change appear instantaneous to those within her visual range.

:bulletblack: Weapon: A hand scythe with a black metal handle and a dull gray blade that seems to absorb light rather than reflect it. The symbol of the black starseed is imprinted onto the base of the handle.

:bulletblack: Attacks: Sailor Oblivion uses some magic, but prefers to fight physically, using her hand scythe. Her fighting style is reminiscent of the Indonesian martial art, pencak silat.

Specific attacks:

:bulletpurple: Dulling Blade - Sailor Oblivion puts distance between herself and her opponent before calling gray mist into the hand scythe (or her palms, if her scythe has been knocked away). She then fires the energy by slashing toward her enemy with her scythe or hand. (If her scythe is missing, the range is half the normal distance of approximately ten meters, as the energy is unfocused and dissipates quickly.) If it connects, it causes damage, and disorients the opponent, making them temporarily forget the last few minutes. The disorientation lasts longer in weak-willed enemies, but the memories gradually return.

:bulletpurple: Lethe Rain - Sailor Oblivion calls a mist that begins to rain droplets of water straight from the depths of the River Lethe. If exposed to the rain for too long, her opponent can suffer long term memory loss, starting at the point that the battle began and winding backward through their life. The memories cannot be recovered. Strong-willed enemies can resist the effects of the rain, but those with weak minds succumb to it quickly.

:bulletpurple: Judgement of Rebirth - Sailor Oblivion calls forth a large starseed-shaped box of energy around her opponent, trapping them; inside, they are able to see flashes of their life, namely those events they are most ashamed of or that have most negatively marked their soul or karma. Weak-willed enemies will suffer greatly usually lose all interest in the battle, while those who have strong minds are only physically trapped and have no ill mental effects.

:bulletpurple: Thousand Cuts of the Void - Sailor Oblivion dashes toward her opponent for this close-range attack, dropping her magical, memory-altering abilities in favor of a purely physical assualt. She attacks with a burst of speed and viciousness that can drive the opponent back or leave their bodies shredded from the blade of her weapon.

:bulletblack: Background: Malantha Ebner professes to have been born somewhere in the United States - her accent would place her somewhere in the midwest, though she doesn't seem to be interested in sharing any of her life story with anyone. In truth, her backstory is relatively bland.

Mal was born to a pair of very average, middle-class people in an average, middle-class suburban area, and went to an average public school. Mal was born with the knowledge that she was Sailor Oblivion and has no guardian; rather, she quickly found and befriended her partner, Sailor Necessity, by the time they were both in their first year of high school.

Mal's everyday interests lean towards music and playing guitar (both accoustic and electric), though she hasn't officially joined any specific band. Once she left high school, she began to roam the world, usually closely in touch with the human form of Lady/Sailor Necessity, experiencing life in the mortal realms. Her easygoing personality and distinct lack of interest in some of the darker aspects of the punk/rock subculture (prefers not to party, declines drugs and alcohol) allows her to create a vast network of musician and artist friends upon whose couches she surfs.

As a senshi, Sailor Oblivion is the Earth-born vessell of the will of the Plane of Oblivion, where souls of the dead go to be cleansed of the memories of their old lives before being assigned new ones. She takes this position seriously, and Mal considers herself to be a guardian of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Her Senshi duties are the one thing she takes truly seriously, besides music. And sour apple flavored suckers.


This has been a "good entry" example for WritersSenshiPageant, introducing Sailor Oblivion and a drabble looking into her personal life.
I want the weekend back, when I was snuggling with my oversized teddy bear and just chillin' while playing State of Decay. Work is hard. T^T

If I offered designing a halfway transformation for your otaku senshi based on how you deacribe the "henshin", like, would there be interest? be ause theu take a little more effort in coloring and planning they would cost a lit 

2 deviants said would this appeal to folks?
2 deviants said does $5 more than a standard full body seem fair?
1 deviant said I think these are a fun challenge and would force me to be more creative.

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