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SA: Hiranyaloka
Senshi Name: Sailor Hiranyaloka
Civilian Name: Lucelly 
Senshi Of: The Illumined Planet - spiritual enlightenment, corrupted freedom from rebirth
Member Since: 10/15/2017
Sailor Hiranyaloka walked slowly into the physical realm - or, a piece of it that had been swallowed by shadows. Her target, a young Sailor Soldier who had been bested in battle, lay at the bottom of a set of wide, shallow stairs below a throne adorned with black roses. Hiranyaloka stepped down the case, glancing once at the gaggle of frantic Senshi on the other side of a barrier of blue and white light. Their movements were stuck in near halted slow motion - Hiranyaloka was walking between the physical and astral realm, not yet under the bounds of the flow of time on Earth.
The girl who lay on her back, legs sprawled on the floor, back on the bottom step, her shoulders and head lolled back on the second, had been so full of light... but it had b
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 2 1
THIS WILL GET ME ALL THE POKEMON by Jeishii THIS WILL GET ME ALL THE POKEMON :iconjeishii:Jeishii 2 4 Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii Sailor Circinus for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 15 12 Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia by Jeishii Sailor Pisces for HiddenGardenia :iconjeishii:Jeishii 14 11 SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Sirei by Jeishii SMV Summer Q6 Participation Headshots - Sirei :iconjeishii:Jeishii 8 2
WSP GOOD Example - Round 1
A riff from a lone electric guitar was the only sound in the otherwise empty bar. A harsh melody cut through the cold air as Malantha Ebner practiced one more time for the set that night at the Gimpy Mermaid, a little pub in a tiny town somewhere in Iowa.
As the sound of the last chord died down and she leaned forward, reaching a long arm toward the amp to shut it of, a polite clap started from the shadows behind her and to the left, where the barkeep was prepping for opening. She turned her head, myriad of piercings in her face and right ear catching the glaring overhead light and shimmering coldly.
"It ain't good enough to clap for," she drawled, arching a single pale, thin eyebrow. Her nearly colorless eyes found the bartender, a man in his mid-forties with a beer gut, a balding pate, and a scraggly gray ponytail.
"You always say that, Mal," the man responded in his raspy voice, damaged from many years of too many cigarettes and long night cheering at concerts. "It sounds even bette
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 3 0
WSP BAD Example - Round 1
Alberta sat down at her desk and sighed because she was really irritated. Her teacher was a big asshoe and made her do some homework and she didn't like it because she wanted to go to a hokcey game because her boyfrand was gonna be in it. He was a good player.
"Hey are you okay, eh?" asked her best friend Mary, who was sat net to Alburta. 
"No I am like really mad, for reals!" Alberta whined really loudly. She whined some more and then got up and ran out of the classroom.
"I gotta go do some stuff, eh!"
Alberta went to the icecream parlor and got a bacon and maple sunday. The guy at the counter, named Billy, flirted with her a lot because Alberta was raelly pretty. He said "you really like maple flavor huh" and ALberta notted and said "It's because my last name is Maple haha!"
After that Alberta went home and took a really long nap because being a sailor soldier and teenaged is really hard.
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 0 10
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SMV - Teruko - Calm Before the Storm
Teruko didn't want to go.
As she carefully sewed the last shimmering golden bead onto the bodice of the dress Siobhan had convinced her to make, she fretted. She knew it meant a lot to Alexis to be able to go out and simply spend time together, bask in the warm glow of companionship and just try and be happy for a while. Even so, she chewed on her lip and furrowed her brow as she worked on finishing the last touch to her newest creation.
The dress, inspired by the style of the artist Mucha, was in a shimmering cobalt fabric with a lighter blue corset that Teruko had painstakingly hand-beaded with a form that was shaped like a butterfly. On one of the very few occasions Teruko had seen Maeve in the months since that awful summer, she showed Maeve her design for the dress and the progress on the beading. Maeve took to calling her Fluttertits for the next few hours. Teruko deeply regretted the decision.
It would drape around her form dramatically, following the natural curve of her hips t
:iconjeishii:Jeishii 6 10
Aqua Soul - SMV Secret Santa by Jeishii Aqua Soul - SMV Secret Santa :iconjeishii:Jeishii 22 25
Check out my newest shit yo


by Cionie

He TOTALLY looks ready to kick some ass! That said, critique time woooo! You're the only person I ever do actual critiques for haha. Vi...

by Cionie

The pose and expression a are great, though he seems a little... what is it. Stocky. Like with the size of his body and face/head, it's...


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(Thanks to AngelLale87 for sharing her amazing stamps with the world.)

Commission Information
I am always open for commissions. :) I offer affordable commissions and specialize in character drawing and portraits.


For the Kiriban it is a full color portrait or 3/4 of the character of your choice. Screencap the page view, and send me a note with the link to the kiriban.

I am afraid that I have chosen not to use the Commissions Widget for this page on the grounds that I feel losing 20% of my already tiny profit for dA to do little more than provide the widget is pretty poor business on their part. :(



Senshi Name: Sailor Hiranyaloka
Civilian Name: Lucelly 
Senshi Of: The Illumined Planet - spiritual enlightenment, corrupted freedom from rebirth
Member Since: 10/15/2017


Sailor Hiranyaloka walked slowly into the physical realm - or, a piece of it that had been swallowed by shadows. Her target, a young Sailor Soldier who had been bested in battle, lay at the bottom of a set of wide, shallow stairs below a throne adorned with black roses. Hiranyaloka stepped down the case, glancing once at the gaggle of frantic Senshi on the other side of a barrier of blue and white light. Their movements were stuck in near halted slow motion - Hiranyaloka was walking between the physical and astral realm, not yet under the bounds of the flow of time on Earth.

The girl who lay on her back, legs sprawled on the floor, back on the bottom step, her shoulders and head lolled back on the second, had been so full of light... but it had been shattered. That core of light inside her. Between the cracks, corruption teemed. Her karma was heavy - a bleak burden of pain and sacrifice.

The light was fading from her eyes even as Hiranyaloka neared her. Her teammates were screaming, trying to break the barrier she had built to protect them. None of them could see Sailor Hiranyaloka as she sat on the steps where the senshi lay broken, petting her hair.
Eyes blue as the sky, glazed as if through a haze of clouds, looked up at the wraithlike woman who had entered that space between life and death to talk to her. The question was there in her painful gaze, though she couldn't speak anymore.

"I am here to save you if you want. You have been through so much. Should you continue, you will break further."
Hiranyaloka leaned down, smiling her ceaseless smile.

"Would you like to know Eternity?"

When the girl blinked, her eyes almost didn't open. It was a clear struggle. Her breath bubbled out crimson, blood trickling from her mouth where the girl had bitten her tongue during the battle.

"I can ease your burden. Release you from the cruel cycle of death and rebirth that has tormented you," Hiranyaloka offered cheerfully. "I know you are hurting. Do you want to see a beautiful eternity in a world where the weight of your destiny has been lifted from you?"
She saw the girl was processing that. These were the seconds before her death, stretched immeasurably as this exchange happened in the blurred lines between Physical reality and Astral.

As she waited, Hiranyaloka took in the state of the young sailor soldier. The shallow steps the young woman lay on were like a display pedestal, her collapsed form an exotic treasure of white leotard and gloves, blue pleated skirt and boots, and soft teal bows, glittering blue gems on her chest and forehead, the silver of her tiara gleaming in the dull light offered by the glowing orbs in the vaulted ceilings above. Her hair was short, full of soft waves and curls, but it was drenched in sweat and plastered to her skin. That pristine white of her sailor suit was stained a dark red where a wound gaped on her side, caused by a sword by the look of it.

Her blood had pooled under her and was slowly spreading out. It was such a dramatic red, bright against the midnight blue of the plush carpeting on the stairs.

Finally, the girl looked up at Hiranyaloka again and shook her head. Slowly. Painfully. Such a minute change in the position of her head, but a refusal nonetheless.

Surprise colored Hiranyaloka's features. She opened her fathomless eyes wider and stared at the dying Senshi with red pinpoints. The girl had stopped breathing.

As her Sailor Crystal began to emerge, Hiranyaloka stood and stepped back, still within the Astral plane so she was unseen, but now pulled into the flow of time of the physical realm.

The barrier fell as the young soldier died. Her friends surged forward and tried to save her.

Hiranyaloka watched as a heavily damaged starseed appeared, unseen by the others, and was taken into the hands of a pale young man. She tilted her head as that Angel of Compassion noticed her, smiled, and vanished, taking the seed with him.

Nothing left for her there, Hiranyaloka left the remaining Senshi to grieve the death of their teammate and returned to the Illumined Planet.

She would dwell on that encounter many times, pondering the choice made by that broken soul.
SA: Hiranyaloka
Senshi Name: Sailor Hiranyaloka
Civilian Name: Lucelly [appeared on all documentation when someone asked what her name was... It wasn't there before?!]
Senshi Of: spiritual enlightenment, corrupted freedom from the cycle of rebirth
Race: original race unknown humanoid. Appears wraithlike with elven/angelic features
Gender: female
Age: ageless
Birthday: none. Takes 10/31 as a lark
Height: 5'6" but appears elongated in Senshi form. Civilian form stands closer to 5'2"
Civilian Appearance: appears far more solid. Black hair pulled into a loose low ponytail, a hair tie at her nape. Skin is deathly pale but not transparent 
Special abilities: 
  • Can see the depth of a person's karmic burden if she opens her eyes and makes direct eye contact which is why she seems to wander around with closed eyes. Yet can see just fine. Some people think it's creepy. (It is.)
  • Can see and speak with wandering spirits as she is technically part of the cycle of life and death.


Sailor Hiranyaloka was said to wear the face of a holy woman. However, no one remembered who she was, or if the face was ever "hers". Had there ever really been a "holy woman" to begin with?

Or was she, like her teammates Oblivion and Necessity, only a fragment of the Planet of the Illumined?

No one knew, for as Hiranyaloka herself was wont to point out, it didn't really matter.

One thing that the spirits and deities of the Astral realms could agree on was that over the long millennia, she had changed. Once a vibrant (and normal) young woman, something inside her changed. For Hiranyaloka was such a tiny planet. 

It was originally a land where only the truly enlightened mortals who had released themselves from the karmic cycle of life and death would reside.

Not many beings had gotten that far yet. 

As she watched good souls laden with karmic burden pass on, only to find themselves stripped of memory - but not of their karma - and woven into a new tapestry of life, she began to doubt the cycle.

She had come into being to guide those ready to unload their pure karmic valance into the universe and become an Immortal Soul, free of the cycle of rebirth through merit alone. She would take bits of karma that were neutral, perhaps a little tiny bit black, into herself to slowly cleanse and purify, and send the rest to the Universe, to become energy that fed it's expansion and change and the Galaxy Cauldron that formulated starseeds. New life from the purest of energies and destinies.

Perhaps, over time, that was what changed her. Perhaps that was what caused her to doubt, for impure karma could not be destroyed. And a small fragment could not reasonably, perhaps, purify every last drop of the gray-tinged karma.

One day, as a great hero she had come to know through her adventures through the mortal realms in search of souls worthy of Enlightenment died and his soul entered the Astral Planes, she was aghast to find the balance of his darkened karma laid bare before her. For he had committed sins in the name of protecting his people. He had wronged others and ultimately, wronged himself, for the sake of "good". He would be thrown back to be reborn with the hope of learning from his past mistakes and finding a way to live a pure existence. 

She rebelled.

Taking his starseed in her hands, she studied it. Studied how it was connected to his soul and his destiny. Saw where the anchor points of the karmic energies were.

And she split it.

As he protested her actions, she smiled at him with tear stained cheeks and asked him:

"Would you like to know Eternity?"

He hesitated before saying that he did. He was tired. He had lived and died a thousand times and his karmic weight only grew heavier.

She was so serene as she held the half of his blackened starseed containing his darkness aloft, then dropped it into her mouth as she had pieces of karmic energy so many times before. It felt as if she had swallowed razors, yet she consumed it all. 

The remaining half became white as snow, glowing softly. She returned it to his soul and he changed. He became wraithlike in appearance, yet a blissful contentedness radiated from him, just as it had all others she had brought into her realm.

As whispers spread among the realms of what she had done, great debates started - was she mad, was she a thief taking the souls of the desperate,  was she right? Many came to kill her, accusing her of blasphemy. They failed.

As her power grew she changed, her appearance distorted, becoming washed in gray. Her eyes had been the golden orange of fall leaves once, hair raven black. In time, her eyes were reduced to pinpoints of sickly red light inside the void of corrupted energy whirling inside of her, her skin lost all color, and her hair turned a ghostly gray. Her body was distorted, yet still held ethereal beauty - some likened her to a spider calling souls into her web.

One by one she swallowed up the negative karma of those who had sacrificed in the name of heroism. She began to appear to those who died in grief and regret, always asking a simple question:

"Would you like to know Eternity?"

Personality:  Lucelly seems to always be smiling. She has a pleasant enough way of interacting with others... if a little strange. She seems to take not in everyday things, and will gladly debate the joys of Eternity with anyone. She is unfazed when others behave aggressively to her.

Henshin Item and Description: A pin in the shape if a starseed broke in half, a ghostly white orb in the center representing an exposed seed.

Henshin Phrase: Hiranyaloka Power, Make Up

Henshin Description: The starseed pin pulsars with sickly white light that envelops her. Lucelly's more human body elongated into her true form, limbs and neck stretching, hair paling to gray. The light blasts outward, leaving her in her fuku. A surge of black karmic energy sweeps over her and leaves her tiara, earrings, and transparent bows and scarf under the sailor collar behind.

Senshi Appearance: 
The first thing one notices about her appearance is her elongated form. Her neck and limbs are too long, fingers oddly long and tapered. She is also partially see-through, especially her joints. Her hair would be about hip-length if it stopped floating about her. Her bangs and cut straight over her eyes and she has flyaway strands curving up and floating near her shoulders. 

She doesn't lose her strange smile and is more likely to open her eyes when in battle, revealing the void inside and pinpoint red lights that are what used to be her eyes.

Her fuku is comprised of a cream leotard overlaid with a soft pale gray top two shades deeper than her skin tone, the hem scalloped in a V. It is lined with a deep crimson stripe about an inch from the tops of the scallops and a thicker red stripe from about halfway up the V on either side going up her chest. This is echoed on the leotard underneath. The shirt sleeves are caps with scalloped edges echoing the hem.

Her collar is a deeper gray than her shirt with two thin red stripes. Under the collar is a scarf like many Japanese school uniforms have, which doesn't sport a bow in front - instead, it is held by a scarf band of the same material as her collar. The material of the scarf is cream colored and is somewhat sheer. The half starseed pin sits on the scarf band.

The skirt is cut similarly to a regular school skirt with a thick waistband. The material is the same as the collar and a slip with the same material as the scarf, scalloped like her shirt.

Her gloves cover most of her arms and are the same light gray as her shirt, the tops scalloped and angled with the point of the V on the inner part of her arms just above her elbows. They have thin ribbons pulled through and tied on the outsides as if to cinch them to her arms. Stockings of the same design encase her legs.

Her shoes are the same gray as her skirt and simple heels.

Her tiara is white with a milky white gem. Her earrings are the same red as the accents on her fuku and are simple balls.

Weapon and Description (if any): She has a knife that looks similar to a sacrificial dagger but rarely uses it.

Attack Name and Description: 

- Karmic Backlash
 - The depth of her enemy's wrongs are felt as a searing pain in their body. The eviler the enemy the greater the pain. The duration depends on her power level. In basic form, it is quite weak.

- Soul Fracture - Some of the negative energy she has built up inside from swallowing all that karmic destiny floods out of her gaping mouth, pouring over her body. She draws her long limbs inward and then thrusts them out, shooting the energy out as dozens of spikey bolts. Rather than penetrate the skin, they become liquidlike, adhering to the enemy and causing spiritual pain, draining a small amount of power. If not removed, it will eventually burn skin and clothes. It can also be used in smaller amounts to create a more concentrated spike that does pierce flesh, and immediately causes pain to the enemy as it eats away part of their flesh. The effects only last for about 30 seconds but can leave a weak opponent writhing in pain.

Guardian Name and Description: none

Other information: 
Teammates: Sailor Oblivion and Sailor Necessity... who haven't come to SA.

A facebook post talking about how Pokemon is missing an opportunity for a body spray that was initially designed to attract the ladies, but actually only attracts female pokemon. I said it could be called Axew body spray.

Cheeky bastard said they already had that - it was called Honey.

This was my response.


(Yes. that is my Pokemon Go avatar, or how I would have her dressed if I was ever willing to spend money on the game lawl, covered in thick layers of honey.)

... this is, legit, the only artwork i have actually finished since the last time I posted on dA. 




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